Zooming Into Science is a fully virtual summer program for kids who love science or want to explore something new. At Zooming Into Science we focus on hands-on experiments and learning about science by witnessing it.  A usual day at Zooming Into Science would be from 9 am-12 pm (with brain breaks) and include a lesson, activities,  discussion, and lots of laughter and fun. Every day students will experience a hands-on activity, for which we will provide all materials needed, only household items such as scissors and tape won’t be provided. Although parental participation isn’t necessary or encouraged, we won’t be responsible for supervising the child. This program is tailored for rising 6th grade to 8th grade.





Tamara is a science loving, math obsessed rising senior at West End Secondary School. She enjoys spending her time with friends and family to enjoy a good board game. She's always had a passion for science and wants to pass on the joy that exploring science gives her to other students. Tamara has experience working with kids as a teaching assistant at Ballet Hispanico, where she's enrolled in the pre-professional dance program, as well as being an office intern.



Jackie Lovci is a rising senior at West End Secondary School. She’s an eco nut, and loves rocks wayyy too much. Over the past 6 years she’s been a part of her school's Green Team, where she drafted bill A655A! She’s passionate about the outdoors, and loves hiking around the city. Over the past couple of years she's worked as a camp counselor at Fifth Avenue Presbeterrian Church, and last summer she worked at a marina on the Lake of the Ozarks.



Over the course of middle school and high school, we’ve both been very involved in our school's science program. Coming from a founding class we have had the opportunity to learn a lot about not just science, but how science, and science curriculums adapt from grade to grade. Our love of science is very much rooted in its relation to the world around us. Whether that’s environmental advocacy through legislation, or learning about the future of farming through hydroponics.  One thing we’ve taken away from this is a passion for all sciences in relation to the world we live in. We began planning this camp with the intention of providing interested teens with a more applied exposure to science. This year especially, it's been hard to really see science in the world around us, because the world around us has been so closed off. This camp builds off of the foundation of school education, in a way that we frankly think is so much cooler.  It's one thing to hear someone talk about science in a classroom, or over zoom but it's a whole nother deal to be able to make discoveries and to watch science happen around you. So with this in mind, we would love for you to join us this summer, diving in, soaring above, and pushing forward as the next generation of scientists.